AWM-Data - AS/400, iSeries, RPG, BPCS, ERP

About AWM-Data

AWM-Data started on April the 1'th 1991. Since then we have developed new applications and 
add-ons to old applications to the IBM S/38 and IBM AS/400 systems, all coded mostly in RPG. 
Furthermore we have developed a Year 2000 solution on a System 36 application running on an 
IBM AS/400 at Wiboltt Frø A/S in Denmark.

For Alfa Laval Copenhagen A/S in Søborg, Denmark, we develop changes to a running BPCS (ERP) installation.
Here we have done a great part of the Year 2000 soulution, too.

For Intentia Danmark we have developed an Interface between BPCS (ERP), an AS/400 application, to
MOVEX, a DOS-based server application. This Interfacet is now installed at GKN Wheels Nagbøl in
Lunderskov, Denmark and at LKM Alfa Laval Kolding in Kolding, Denmark.

For Armada Data A/S we have developed new modules in RPG to the Armada Shipping System. Today Armada 
Data A/S have recidenc in Sweitzerland and the company has cancled all service agreements on the
Armada Shipping System running on the AS/400 and inspite of that we have developed some small 
changes for Dampskibsselskabet Norden A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark.